For Attorneys

I offer you what Psychologists need to offer the Courts:

  • Integration of the psychological tests used in the evaluation.
  • Depth and breadth in formal testing.
  • Validated instruments as one source of information about your client.
  • Test results that apply to your client specifically
  • Describing your client in concrete terms.
  • Test results that elucidate the information collected in interviews.
  • Psycho-social information that makes concrete the results of the testing.

Here is an example:
“In her MMPI-2 RF, Ms. Jones describes other people as well-intentioned and trustworthy; she disavows any distrust or cynical beliefs about them. She is overly trusting, optimistic and positive about others, unusually understanding, non-competitive, and reports unusual harmony in her relationships. But her actual behavior is that she insists manipulation and subterfuge by her aunt and grandmother, and this is probably more reliable than her test assertions. She is denying this aspect of herself in the testing. Her accusations against her aunt and grandmother as deceitful and untrustworthy are constant throughout her report”

“In her Parenting Stress Inventory she denies any areas that need improvement in parenting and yet says she wishes her child were brighter and more outgoing… she is not the child she had wished for.”

“In both her Child Abuse Potential Inventory and her Parent Inventory for Children she denies all fault and yet expresses the wish that her child were not so frustrating.”

These paragraphs capture a specific person rather than describing “People who score like this… ”